Profit Analysis

Would you like to:

  • Better understand your financial situation?
  • See how your business compares to similar businesses?
  • Take action to resolve financial danger areas?
  • Provide concise reports regarding your financial position to your banker or prospective buyers?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you need to request your Profit Analysis Report today.


Your report will analyze key areas of your business – liquidity, profits, sales, borrowing, assets, and employees – and provide easy to understand explanations of your performance and industry comparisons.


To receive a complimentary basic profit analysis report specific to your company, simply complete a Basic Profit Analysis Worksheet and fax (414-961-1448) or email ([email protected]) it to Wallach Business Solutions. We will prepare your customized report and contact you to schedule an appointment to review the findings.


Find out how you compare to your industry for only $49.

For more in-depth analysis of your business, including industry comparisons and ratio analysis, consider ordering an Extreme Profit Analysis Report. This report will provide you with the insight needed to make even the most difficult business decisions.

View a sample Extreme Report.

Complete a Profit Analysis Spreadsheet and return it to Wallach Business Solutions to begin the process.

$495 and includes one hour of consultation to begin the review process.

Special Offer: Get Your Extreme Profit Analysis Report Today for Only $49!

Call Alan Wallach for details – 414-961-1447