Take the Guesswork Out Of the Hiring Process


Wallach Business Solutions LLC, home of The Alternative Board , is pleased to announce its affiliation with Joy Largent, President of Impact Selection Services, Highland Park, IL, to offer a complete suite of job benchmarking, employee selection, screening and coaching services. Largent is a certified TTI behavioral, values and TriMetrix consultant and has a long record of accomplishments with major companies such as Kraft Foods, Sandoz, Jim Beam Brands, and Great American Financial Services Corp.  She advises and assists sole proprietors and large corporations in important hiring decisions; taking the guesswork out of the hiring process .  Largent is a former teacher, with a 20 year background in the corporate sector. For several years she has been doing life and personal coaching in the Chicago area.


Largent brings to WBS the capability to help our TAB members and clients make better employee selection decisions, build greater communication, efficiency and profitability among co- workers. Her company also has the capacity to offer complete search services to deliver, pre-screened, pre-qualified applicants for your staffing needs.  In addition, Joy will be available to provide in house training and coaching of executive development services.


Please visit www.impactselectionservices.com for more information. To arrange a complimentary consultation with Joy, please contact her directly at [email protected] or 847.433.7901.


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